Feature Request - "anchoring" parameters

So the new scope mode is amazing for navigation. But it still takes time to jump around a large patch and with all of the inputs used up I seem to be spending quite a lot of my time with the 301 moving up and down between a handful of different controls.

Would it be possible to when you are on a parameter, say a cutoff for a filter hold maybe focus + m1-6 to anchor that parameter. Pressing that same combination could give you instant recallable access to 6 parameters? making the 301 much more “playable”

I’ve tried to get around this with custom units but it doesn’t work across different tracks.

Unfortunately, ease of programming has a higher design priority than play-ability. Play-ability is supposed to be provided externally via the CV inputs. This is a BYOC module. Bring-your-own-controller.

Maybe you can hack something with a Global Chain?


fair comments, I’ll look into global chains.


Oh and the upcoming hold mode might address some aspects of this but I’m not ready to give details.