Feature Request: Append Slice or Copy & Paste

There seems to be no way to append a sample to an existing sample that contains slices without loosing those slices. For example if I added slices to a sample and want to add a new sample at the end, there is nothing I can do to achieve this.

Possible Solutions

  • “Append” option in Edit Buffer menu with the ability to append file as slice or not (though if I had to choose one it would be as slice).
  • Copy & paste of selected audio. This doesn’t directly solve the problem but offers a work around. I could open the new sample in another unit, copy it, then go back to the unit with the sample I want to append to, scroll to the end and paste. Not as nice of a workflow, but copy & paste would open some other doors as well.

Not sure if things like this are on the radar or not but wanted to share the problem as I end up in this situation frequently and the only way to overcome it is to basically start all over by multi selecting and slicing from scratch which can be a creativity killer.