Feature request: Coupled tracks, patterns or notes

I work with a lot of duplicate patterns on different tracks, using different group settings and routings for the same sequence of notes and CVs. This typically means I create or modify the sequence on track 1 and then copy it to the other tracks. If I wish to maintain the coupling between tracks, I have to do a manual copy to tracks 2,3,4 every time I modify track 1.

A terrific feature would be the ability to “couple” tracks, patterns or notes on tracks, so that, for example, one could assign pattern 2 of track 2 to be permanently linked to pattern 1 of track 1.

For the user, a possible way to complete this would be to hold down the insert key and turn the right knob to a 4th option, so you’d have bEFr, SPLt, AFtr, and then the new option,CPle.

This would now mean that any time I modify pattern 1 of track 1, pattern 2 of track two would be automatically updated to be a copy of P1, T1.

I don’t know if any more development work is being done on the ER-102, but I hope so. The combination of ER-101/102 is so powerful, but with so much added potential.