Feature request: File system editing/ visual file preview

It would be very nice if we had some basic file system functions. I am imagining it located in the admin section. You could select individual files or multiple (like when creating a sample buffer). My main reason for wanting this is that sometimes I save things in the wrong folder and I don’t want to completely interrupt my workflow to take the sd card out to move things to the right folder. I will often move on and forget where I saved that file or files. It would be really nice just to go to the admin area and move it to the right folder right then. Also being able to copy and paste files would be handy as well, but less important.

For extra effect(and this would be very handy) would be able to have a visual file preview, where you see the wave of an audio file. When making a wavetable I like arranging the waves least complex to most complex and having a visual file preview would be really useful for that.

Thanks for everything brian, somehow I missed the multiselect tip for single cycle unit. That is so handy. I really love the single cycle unit and the module is indispensable for me.


I like this idea. There has been a previous feature request for a simple audio file editor in the admin section. The same audio editing functionality that is already available in the sample player units, but ‘standalone’ so to speak. I think your feature request ties into this same idea neatly. It could be one ‘app’ that does all this: finding, moving, saving, editing and deleting audio files. That would be great!