Feature request: Lissajous mode, please?

Be very cool if the inputs and output waveform displays had an option to show correlation of two variables on x&y. Low priority, but thought I’d put it out there.


Could be fun! :wink:

Is there also some practical benefit to you, such as tuning by sight?

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This interests me alot as I plan to use the er301 with a vectrex. Outputting single cycle Wavs and also phase related oscillator stuff on 3 separate channels - X and Y coordinates and Z (brightness). I am currently doing this sort of stuff so would be nice to see a combined mix before outputting to the monitor/laser


I use Chaquo and Chaos Brother for modulators a fair amount. It is delightful to see their multiple voltage represented waveform next to each other on the input mode. It would be very helpful to see them represented as a single waveform. Another application is being able to better visualize the effects of combined inputs, e.g. “What will this combination of LFOs do to the panning on Planar,” for example.

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I know this may not be a common use case, but part of what called to me about the 301 is the ability to use it to learn about dsp and development and to help me rationalize some mathematical intuitions I have had in a creatively engaging way. Visualization is a significant portion of that, and the 301 has really helped my understanding of signal flow, control routing and some math stuff. A word processor helps turn word ideas into digest-able narrative; the sound computer helps me turn sound ideas into digest-able narrative. Part of that is the way that the object allows affordances which give insight into implicit or latent understandings.


Its like some sort of Tesla experiment. Never seen anything like it except perhaps, something Flying Lotus did last year at the Brixton Academy. You’re definitely in good company👍