Feature Request: Local Patching between Channels

As a continuation to my last thread, As advised, im making a request here for implementing the ability to patch locally between channels.

Super simple case Example:

I have a sampler on Channel 1, with other devices.
I have a Synth voice, incl an LFO, other modulators, Filter Etc. On Ch. 2.

While building a patch and performing in real time i want to grab some of the modulators that are already at work in Ch2 and send them to Ch1 to modulate event there, Basic practice in Modular performance.

If i have to pre plan everything in advance then its not enabling some of the more exciting aspects of Modular patching.

If there could be a Global pool for “Local” Patching, that includes all channels’ devices, the whole 301 would behave as 4 modules that can cross patch, as typical to Modular Synthesis.
It feels too “Closed” right now, where there is no JACK (due to outputs not being DC Coupled, and only 1 per ch), and no LOCAL way to transmit any CV/Gate data out of a channel. Its all “Locked” Inside the Channel.

Also, that will enable to build 4 Machines, without too much clutter of endless sub chains, that can actually communicate between them. Total game changer in my opinion.

Appreciate your consideration.

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