Feature Request: more filters or filters constructor/blocks

It will be great to have some more filters in ER301. As ready-to-use blocks or kind of constructor blocks where you can create a filter which you like.

2,4,8 poles, different types (transistor ladder, diode, vactrol, … flavours) with some flavour and not sterile. Maybe just a filter with many parameters and users can create their own variants according to the taste. of course, I can filter all signals outside of ER301 but it will be very helpful to create big chains with internal modulation in the box. As a plus, it will help to take less modules for small live performances.


I absolutely adore resonant filters and they are one of the few aspects of the ER-301 I find a bit lacking. I am certainly spoiled by analog filters but I have heard some really good sounding digital filters. Luckily I have been using wavetables a lot to get nice variety of harmonics.

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I still use my ER301 on 10-15% of its functionality. Mostly like a complex sampler/looper/slicer/granular and filtering small pieces especially if filtering can be assigned to slicer (or to time) will be very useful. Digital filter can not only copy the behavior of analog ones but also provide something new.

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