Feature Request: Multiple Math Transforms?

Something that occurred to me today how useful it would be to set up several prebuilt math transforms in a snapshot that you could easily switch between. I know you can do this with the group transforms to some extent but it is not quite the same use case as the destructive transforms, or quite as handy as just being able to press the math button.

I also noticed that the index selector isn’t being used on the math screen.

So what if instead of one destructive math transform “slot” as it were, there were 4, or 8, or whatever is best for the memory model. You can switch between these by focusing index whilst the Math screen is showing.

What do people think?

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hm, but group transform is there exactly for this…no? the math transform are available on the group modifier high and low and this then for the three busses, x, y and z. so this way you have 6 different math transforms for the steps in your selected group simply by sending gates to the busses, and you can combine them.
this is only for one group eg for the steps in one group, you can then add different steps to another group and superimpose the transforms this way.
or do i misunderstand your question?
in my opinion this is way more handy compared to the destructive transform…

The non destructive group transforms are great, in fact they are one of my favourite features. But the destructive versions do things that they don’t. Destructive can be better for certain applications of randomness, for example, because it isn’t ephemeral and reevaluated on the next transform. Also the destructive transforms can be performed directly on the module without external signals.

For example, I have been working on a technique for my next video where I have a table I’ve set up with different scales in different parts of the table. The group transforms would be great for jumping one partition the table in response to external gates and so on, but there are a number of operations that are useful to just grab by hand in performance. Jumping up and down parts of the table (ie up up, invert, down down), gradually jittering so that the resultant random walk leaks into adajcent partitions, or randomly re-seeding a pattern with a combination of rand and addition. These are all useful things to do destructively by hand, and being able to set each transform up before hand and then recall them would add a great deal of fluidity to improvised performance.

I certainly wouldn’t want this to replace the group transforms, because these are better in other ways.

I guess the way I’m thinking about it is I want destructive transforms as quick ways of setting up and modifying the sequence, whereas the group transforms are for setting up variations on top of the sequence once it is set up.

hm, i see, but then you can use parts for this and play it on the module, no?
i mean if your transforms are fixed and destructive why don’t you set up parts with those fixed sequences?

ok wait, i think now i understand it better, the problem is the combination of fixed transforms and random/jitter but not evaluated on every step but just once for the selected steps right?
if group transforms could seed the random/jitter values differently, eg only once when sending the gate then what you want would be possible. because in a way group transform is applying “math presets”.

Yeah you’re getting what I’m saying. I like that I can do both the destructive and non-destructive. I wouldn’t want to change the group transforms to be destructive, as I like using them that way too. (I think the way Brian has implemented the group transforms to be independent of each other is awesome and I wouldn’t want to impact that.)

It’s just that the non-destructive has a nice way to set up as many transforms as you need, but for the destructive you only get one. So the idea is what I hope is a tidy way to add more destructive preset transforms, without adding too much complication or changing the way the groups work.