Feature request: option to offset voltage table value with note display

I definitely appreciate the feature described here ( V2.xx: ER-102 Firmware Discussion ), but even more I’d love the option to actually offset the voltages sent as well (per track in config.ini ideally). This would allow me to keep my oscillator tuned to C, but use the track note display to change the root note of the current scale.

An example might better illlustrate why this would be helpful: I’m recording a sequence from my Intellijel Tetrapad + Tete, which is quantized to D Major. If my ER-101 is set to use the 12ET voltage table, the notes displayed on the Tete and ER-101 match up, but if I want to use a major scale voltage table and shift the root note/note display to D, the notes displayed on the ER-101 no longer reflect what’s being received or sent. So if I want to keep the correct notes displayed, I have to use the 12ET voltage table, but that means my MATH transforms will no longer be quantized to the major scale. Pretty please can I have it both ways?


Have you seen this discussion. Not exactly what you are looking for but if you edit your own scale might it be possible to define the root from where the voltage goes in ascending order?

It would work, but it’s far from an ideal solution.

Hey @odevices , seems this went unnoticed, and I’m just curious if there’s any chance of it happening sooner or later. Thanks!

(Just to clarify my config.ini suggestion, I have in mind a per track setting like offset_voltages that would enable the behavior I described instead of the default.)

There is a chance but it won’t be for awhile. I’m stuck deep in the caverns of ER-301 v0.6.

In the meantime, I’ve added it to the list of feature requests for the ER-102:



Thanks for the response and adding it to the list! And great news re: new ER-301 firmware too!

I’m looking for this exact function right now. I’m having a lot of time these days to rethink my idea of “live show” with my modular setup. Moving trough harmony by changing roots with cv offsets (and maybe tables aswell :slight_smile: ) is the only thing I’m missing to use the ER101+102 as a mini daw to controll my system.

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