Feature request: Output level settings

The new audio output level selection feature in v0.3 has me thinking that it would be helpful to have something similar on the outputs; output level attenuation presets. Ideally I could connect the output to headphones, or an amplifier without using a step down mixer.


Wouldn’t that be confusing? :thinking: The new preamp settings are configuring actual analog hardware inside the ER-301, but an output gain setting would just be acting in the digital domain and replicating what you can already do with a Limiter unit.

I can’t see how it would be more confusing than the input presets. It would simplify the config for noobs like me. I gather there isn’t an amplifier on the analog output chain?

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You definitely don’t sound like a noob to me!

There is no configurable analog output gain.

I’ll have a think about it but something doesn’t sit well with me. Perhaps it’s the idea that this encourages people to try to solve problems with settings rather than using the patching language that we are trying to build here.

FYI, in a perfect world, those preamp settings would not be necessary. I would prefer not to need them. However, since the preamp hardware is physical, that means the settings have to be global. That is the only reason they are not part of the patching language.

Just a thought:

Set up an empty stereo or mono chain, place a limiter or a mixer on it. Adjust the output for line level, headphones, etc. Then save that as a quicksave and call it “headphones” or “speakers”. Repeat for any kind of device you might want to connect up to. Then when you start up, just load up the quicksave that corresponds to your output and you’re ready to go.


That’s an excellent idea @Joe. I’ll do just that.

@odevices I think I understand your point. You see the ER-301 as a set of fundamental building blocks assemblable entirely as the user sees fit and not as anyone has imposed.