Feature Request : Quick way to jump from follow mode to current step

I wish there was a quick way to jump from follow mode to current step !
It feels like a lot of work to have to manually dial my way to the desired step(s) after I flip out of follow mode.

I usually go into follow mode to find the currently playing step. I assume that’s how others are using it? Maybe flipping to edit mode can unlatch at whichever step (from follow mode), the moment the switch is flipped.

Unfortunately, this would also mean that you lose your EDIT position as soon as you switch to FOLLOW mode which I’m sure would annoy a lot of users (myself included).

One suggestion that might help: You can actually edit in FOLLOW mode as long as your are paused. So for example you can watch in FOLLOW mode, pause at the point where you want to edit, make your edit and then unpause to continue. Obviously this has the downside of stopping the sequencer while you are editing.

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Okay… How about a hold down commit button + switch to edit combo?