Feature request: Sample loading from global chain top menu


I’m wondering if this could be added to a future firmware upgrade …
Right now I’m using the ER301 to also trigger long samples from the SD card, instead of loading them in the memory pool. As those files are long enought and I’m not using the unit to internally record the performances, the SD card sample player is really nice to do this. The problem is that, as I have several sample players all inside an individual mixer unit, and all of them within a custom unit, each time I need to load a new sample I need to dive into the menus and it takes a lot of time. I wonder if it’s too difficult to add a feature or create a custom unit where all the different samples from different SD card players can all together, or within a single menu.


I was thinking about this, there could be a kind of top level “sample slot” that would provide one step of indirection from the buffer or card assignment.

Then instead of assigning a buffer or card position to a unit, you would provide the sample slot and it would pick up whatever is in there.


Yes, I think that option would be great. Also a great thing to have is a “hold” option, like in the ER101. Dive into the different menus changing samples and then push or activate something to upload all at once …


a “load from top level” option would be super useful for custom units too!
till now i refrained from sharing some custom units i made because they would force the user to go deep into the internals of the device.
perhaps the upcoming command bus will have something about it too?

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I’ll chime in and agree with this. I’ll often have lots of sample players going on different channels, and swapping samples out can feel a bit too button-pushy and scrolly.

I haven’t explored them at all (yet), but maybe pin sets could be used here somehow, to morph through a list of samples? Modulate an index / offset for the file to load?

Until we get a dedicated solution for this problem
We can put each sample player in a dedicated global chain so we can tap into those from the other chains. …

But in any case, if you have, let say, 4 different SD card readers each on a different Global Chain, we should go inside each GC to change the samples being played. So the “menu diving” is not avoided. Right now I’m happy with my workflow, because in the past I was using 3 different Radio Music sample players and now I have control on the exact samples I want to play. With the RM I didn’t know what was going to be played. But if we could find a way to avoid or minimise menu diving that would be great.

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Exactly! I was just thinking about how far we already can minimize the diving depth. And though I don’t believe that we could realistically ‘avoid’ some sort of dive all together some sort of a central hub that we can reach directly (e.g. with a dedicated shortcut) would be a great plus.

I also believe that the described problem also applies to every ‘source’ unit, too. This could be the reason why I tend to place most sources in dedicated global chains. :slight_smile: even if I start in an output chain at some point I’ll have to cut and paste my creation to a global chain so I can make use of it on any output sink (external and internal fx routing and external parallel processing)

This way at least @tomf‘s idea of top level sample slots could be imagined in a broader way. I.e. in terms of top level source slots.

Wanna change a global sine lfo with a triangle or saw?

  • currently the fastest way appears to be to have a global chain where you replace the sine unit with something else without breaking the global connections.
  • with a central source hub with a dedicated global shortcut to it some clicks could be avoided.

And while we’re at it why not also have a central hub for’fx’? :joy:

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FYI, this kind of macro-like configuration of units falls under the command bus proposal that I’m already committed to implementing


Oh, thanks a lot for the info Brian! I didn’t know that was already in the feature request list.

YESSSS! very happy to hear that my guess was correct :smiley: