Feature Request : Snapshots!

I have no idea if this would be possible. Anyway here is what i dream of :

Ability to make “snapshots” of a chain. By “snapshot” i mean capture the state of all parameters and store it in a memory slot. Morphing between snapshots would be awesome. Selecting which parameters to be stored or not would be great as well.
Think “pattr” in Max, or Snapshots in Audiomulch.

I agree it would be very nice indeed!

Already discussed here:

Yeah! I was thinking of posting something like this in the Expander idea thread. It would be cool to have morphable parameter snapshots like on the Octatrack. My thought for the Expander would be similar to the Octatrack: a slider between two scene buttons.

Alternatively, this would just be nice to have on the main unit. I have difficulty imagining how the snapshot save/modulation interface would work, though.

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Equivalent functionality will be integrated into the Hold mode. :sunglasses:


Wow now im really excited for hold functionality! I’ve been wondering what you had in store for us for that mode :smiley:

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Indeed… somehow I’d not even considered this, but now it’s been mentioned I’m imagining all kinds of things :smiley:

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To be honest its taking me ages exploring what it already does, i had totally forgot about hold & scope modes. It seems their both going to greatly enhance this module! Incredible!

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…wow, what would these be?

Sequencing snapshots would be awesome too at some point…