Feature request: Soundfont player

I would really like to see a soundfont player for the er301 for loading the soundfont format files. I understand the er301 can kind of do this with sample chains such as the 88 piano thing but it isnt the same as how soundfont works with it’s sustained loop portion…

If there was a soundfont player, then one could easily make a library of custom instruments using the free program called polyphone and load them into er301 with no hassles !

I think an sfz player yould be better, more in line and maybe easier to implement…

Soundfonts! I thought these disappeared in the mid 90’s???

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I guess this could currently be done by multi sampling a voice or sound and using a sample chain as it is in the er301, but it seems the difference would be being able to have infinite sustain of the sounds body after the attack (or something like that ?)

I dont think i ever used “soundfonts” in the past, but i found it interesting to see how they work and that free polyphone program seems to be kinda slick…Seems like an easy way to make instruments based on samples.

I might be daft here but the difference seems to be that there is an attack followed by a looping sustain. i can do that with old hardwaresampler or software, but the ployphone app seems to make it easy and exports to sfz format with loop points and might be an open source format, but i dont know for sure…
I was just envisioning having a sound i really like and being able to play it chromatically on the er301 without having to resort to timestretch.

If im not making sense in this day & age, please someone tell me !!

I do know that there are others that would like to be able to do this though, so im possibly not crazy…

Would be cool to have kind of a “rompler” type player thing to be able to manipulate/process with all the other er301 goodies.

I dont know…just check out that free polyphone program and see what i mean and let me know if it seems usefull and do-able in the er301. I would love to hear ya’ all’s opinion.

and whatever, i understand it can be done using a computer already and then can process thru euro…
Just an idea i was throwing out there…It would be nice for portability in a euro system.

You can set loop points in samples. I have actually been taking looping samples from snes games and putting them in the er 301.

So are you saying your whole instrument consists of one single sample with one set of loop points which you play or sequence the pitch of up and down the keyboard so to speak ? I think that is different than how a soundfont instrument works or a basic old akai(or any other) sampler works.

I hope the er301 will have that basic sampler functionality sometime. Does that make sense ?
I understand that maybe requesting a soundfont player may sound dumb, but im throwing out there anyway because no such module exists that i know of.

Unless im mistaken, the er301 is currently limited by it’s use of sample chains, instead of having a conventional sampler function which allows each sample to have it’s own set of loop points…

It would be nice to have both types of sample players…

Does that make sense, or am i missing something ?

Im not sure but I believe that every slice can have it’s own loop points. So you could have a long chain of samples, each in its own slice with its own loop points. I haven’t actually tried this but I believe it’s possible, if a little cumbersome.

Throwing in my opinion here. This has nothing to do with whether soundfonts are good or not but if there is something that is not working or lacking in the ER-301, I would prefer to at least try to fix it in the ER-301 first and only then, once it is clearly not working UI-wise in the ER-301, move to relying on an external tool. After all it is a risk for me to spend time on a pretty big feature that in the end relies on this external tool being maintained across mac/windows/linux and their respective updates.

So in conclusion, if you could rephrase the feature request without the reliance on an external tool that would be great! For example, “the current implementation of per-slice loop points is not working for me because…”.


Ok, understood. I should have devoted more time into this before posting. I’ll see how how far i can get as is, and provide more detailed info if needed. Thanks