Feature Request: Trigger Rotate/Invert with CV

I’ve been having fun the past few nights digging deep into the rotate and inversion features, it would be great if there was a config.ini option to reassign a couple of the recording inputs for CV control of these features, similar to the existing capability to hijack them for additional track clock inputs. I would imagine the inputs as having the exact same effect as manually pushing the buttons, e.g. the rules regarding what was actually being rotated would remain identical to what they are today. I suppose I’d probably want to ignore the CV while any math transform was being edited so inversions wouldn’t be accidently applied to the transformation.


i can see using this as well

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Just thought I’d follow up on this. I spent a couple of hours again last night manually rotating the gate duration on a sequence to totally transform it. It would be so cool to be able to perform via a trigger rather than manually smashing the rotate button over and over! @odevices, any possibility of this being added sometime?

I agree

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I think this would have to be a CONFIG.INI option to be enabled by the few who are willing to deal with hidden features. So what (digital) inputs would you like to use?

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I’d propose using D-1 for rotation and D-2 for inversion so that the other inputs could still be used in realtime record mode to record the rotation sequence on a new track. Thanks for your consideration Brian!

How about the focus (i.e. the target of the operation)? The currently playing pattern perhaps?

What about using whatever is currently focused on the ER-101 (track or pattern) as the target, just the same as manually pushing the button? If that’s not possible, I’d prefer to default to rotating the currently playing pattern.

If that is acceptable to you then I think I don’t understand your usage scenario :thinking: You won’t be able to look at or edit other tracks or patterns without inadvertently rotating everything you navigate through.

I guess I could provide both options but still I am curious how the “remotely rotate current focus” is useful to you.

My thought was that respecting the current focus (whether track or pattern) resolves the ambiguity of where to apply the operation. Otherwise, If a pattern was playing on multiple tracks, how would the 102 decide which track to apply a rotate trigger to?

My use case is to have another tool to create variation in sequences over time. One of the things I’ve discovered exploring rotation is that interesting sequences can be created by timing rotation events to coincide with the looping of a sequence. For example, a 4 step sequence that is rotated on every 1st step has been transformed into (effectively) a 16 step sequence. Because the attributes of a step can be rotated independently (a feature unique to the ER-101/102 amongst all euro sequencers as far as I know!) , I’ve had moments of delight manually doing this but would like to be able to accomplish the same outcome with triggers so I can fix my poor timing and free up my hands to do other stuff.

Haha. You’ve basically just repeated the purpose of my question (how to determine the target of the rotation) back to me but without acknowledging that you understand the issue that I raised. May I have confirmation that you understand you will not be able to navigate to another track/pattern without affecting the target of the rotation operation?

So this is what I was worried about. If you were mainly interested in being able to trigger rotations manually from another controller then I can understand the use of “current focus”. However, since you are interested in automation then I see using the current focus as a problem because you would have to stop your song before you can navigate to other tracks or patterns.

No problem, I understand the limitation. I would just stop the trigger source if I needed to edit things.

Thanks for the confirmation. :wink:

Let me have another think about this. It occurred to me that this could be added as an option to the alter record mode which uses the follow cursor as the focus. That way you can still navigate in edit mode without changing the target.

Sounds good! Phew, I feel like we just got done with grooming a sprint story :smile: Thanks again for your time and consideration.

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I still think the requested feature, Trigger Rotate/Invert with CV would be usefull :slightly_smiling_face: Alternatively rotation/inversion when a gate signal is received, that would equal a button press on the dedicated blue “Invert” “Rotate” buttons on the Er-102 ?


I agree, this would be a very useful addition to the 101/02.

Reading through the feature requests, I hope all the 102 requests will get implemented, some really great ideas that would make the 101/02 even better. Such an amazing sequencer. :stuck_out_tongue::grimacing:

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