Feedback on ER-301 community-driven design

Continuing the discussion from ER-301 Expander:

Ivo has brought up some very important points there. It is true that in these days of chaos, any number of things can change (due to a user’s request or my own desire) with the next firmware update. BUT! This will gradually reduce over time and eventually there will be a feature freeze on the operating system and unit development will be split off to continue on their own release cycles. This will happen around the same time that the SDK is released.

Also, just in case it is not obvious, a single user could make a request that causes a substantial change but that will always be because the request is aligned with my own direction and usually the timing is just me being opportunistic (while on my way to the produce section, I might as well grab this jar of peanut butter). There have been only a few requests that I didn’t already plan on doing. The vast majority of the community influence has been on the order in which I take care of this or that, and, those numerous points where I need feedback on whether a certain workflow is working for you guys or not.

I don’t consider this a closed topic. Please keep bringing this up as necessary. I want to hear about what shouldn’t change as much as what should change. I can’t promise everything and will not but I still want to hear about it.

When you make a request, it might help if you think a little bit about whether it is critical or just nice to have (and of course be aware if you have a tendency to think everything is critical, you know who you are, haha!).


I really appreciate your aesthetic, Brian. In this age of disposable design, it’s really delightful you have envisioned not simply a product, but a process into which that product fits. I wish everyone who undertook to make and put a thing in the world did so with such foresight.


I only have ideas, not demands :innocent: :slight_smile: