Feedback on ER-301 Wiki-based Documentation

I will be posting here as I make significant contributions to the ER-301 section of the Wiki. It would be great if you could let me know your thoughts, critiques, confusions, errata and so on.

There are mobile and desktop versions of the Wiki, so when posting about formatting issues please indicate whether you are browsing the mobile or desktop version of the site.


Firmware updating instructions are now consolidated here:

Here is the first draft of the documentation of the Sample Player unit:


Firmware update instructions do not start with the proper method for ejecting the SD Card if the unit is powered on.

Your first sentence says it is not necessary to power down during the update and then you tell the user to Power up in the third slide.

Orientation of the instructions; I read left to right and then on the second line read step 2 - Japanese orientation? :slight_smile:

You inform the user that copying the firmware anywhere on the SD Card is fine, I’d give the hint that the user might want to keep a directory for various firmware versions if they are following development branches so they can move between versions or even for keeping 48kHz and 96kHz versions readily accessible.


I didn’t quite understand this comment. Everything should be flowing from left to right, top to bottom already.


Until I get a chance to read them thoroughly, can I just say for now that I dig the pitfall icons? :slight_smile:

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Sample Player Unit:

I’d like to see screencaps of the initial screen once the user adds a Sample Player - hopefully the entire breadth of the unit.

The sub-menu screens included would be nice for people new to the ER-301 too because some will be lost initially and jumping right to triggers and play heads is not where I started.

Parameters: much before this page about Sample Player I’m guessing that you will have an extensive Wiki article on various methods of modulating these signals right?

Technically difficult at the moment since this unit exceeds the width of a screen. I’ll see what I can do though.

Yes, that is the idea. If you click on the Control Type you will be taken to another page (Unit Anatomy) which will (as time goes on) get more details on how each control works, especially how modulation works via subchains. For example, if you click on the Gain/Bias type:

Momentary brain fart of the old guy kind who wishes that hadn’t been written upon second thought.

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Sampler section: might include something about the shift slice behavior (assuming default settings) to slice at non-zero crossing.


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Noticed in one of the screencaps that you have v0.2.16 highlighted and right below that is v0.2.4 - you had to know that some of us are going to be seriously intrigued.

0.2.4 is old news. 13 updates ago! :slight_smile:


Great stuff, the lack of manual is my biggest hurdle with this crazy machine. Not complaining really i just love manuals!

That’s it…I’m toast, finished, unqualified to be human today. I was thinking 0.2.04 and that Brian was on the march from 0.2.16 while his internal future firmware had already moved 24 revision forward beyond what he shares with the community.

Oh, well, he probably has. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish! Almost as soon as I press the compile button, I throw the firmware at you all. Often resulting in embarrassing moments like “Uh, you broke the firmware update screen and now I can’t downgrade my firmware.”


Spell broken!

Good to see the wiki moving forward :slight_smile:

Nothing to contribute, can’t be arsed at the moment - sorry!

I like the "pitfall"s :smiley:

Another “page” is ready for your eyes! This was a doozy but one of the most important pages. I’m sure there is awkwardness.

Each unit’s documentation links back to appropriate places in this page, especially a unit’s parameter listing.


That took some doing, eh? :heart_eyes_cat:

Looks great. Was very clear to me. Nothing jumped out to me as missing or needing clarification.