Feeding a linear VCA with an envelope generator

Another tack, a VCA Unit has two inputs:

  1. an audio input left: Units to it’s left hand side of the VCA provide the audio input


  1. a voltage control input below: Units below the VCA control the level of the VCA - this is where you would put your ADSR

edit: just seen you got it :slight_smile:

This bit is not helpful:

Yes, you are patching a gate to a VCA, but you’e also patching an ADSR in-between the gate and the VCA, just like you would on a physical modular system

Thanks, Neil. I completely follow.

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Also, not to throw a wrench in the wheel - as I’ve forgot a few times myself, but if you aren’t planning to add an additional processing effect post sin wave and pre VCA… the SIN uni has an integrated VCA (level control) where you can accomplish adding an ADSR UNIT to the level subchain … same result!

But isn’t the ADSR “inside”, or “under” the VCA? Kind of a child of the VCA?

Whatever you want to call it, inside, under, child, below… net result is the same :slight_smile:

It’s a good point, there should be an agreement on how these things are referred to :slight_smile:

Lol, Neil. I figured out how to modulate the integrated level controls using a sub-unit today. Does that, by any chance, reduce resource usage?

Yes I suppose you could think of it that way. The ADSR is specific to that VCA. But it needs to be as if you inserted it to the left of the VCA unit, it would block all incoming audio to the left of the ADSR unit and only output the CV envelope into the VCA audio path.

Now, another way - as of OS 0.2.5 - as in the real-world if you wanted to mult an ADSR envelope to a stack of VCA’s…

you could have your ADSR Envelope as a GLOBAL chain - and then assign that to as many VCA’s as you want. Same result, less work and units if you have i.e.: 10 VCA’s that you want to assign the same ADSR.


You could have a custom unit, with all your numerous VCA’s within… and a custom local control with a single ADSR unit could feed all of them.

Options! :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking of things like this all evening - it is so cool!!

I chose today to finally get round to reorganising my cases after the arrival of the second ER-301, I am just finished and pretty tired… so haven’t had a chance to play yet… tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate your help.

Next up, a little FM synth action. (wonder how many dense questions that’ll generate?)


There’s a lot of discussion on this already - search is your friend - it’s really clever search!!

Enjoy, FM on the ER-301 is ace - and only set to get better :slight_smile:

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Two 301’s! Damn - I know it’s something I’ll want to do sooner or later… ahh!!


Yes yes it’s amazing - do it now - there’s a 10 week wait anyway :smiley:

Wow :open_mouth:

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