Felix cumpleaños

Anybody else completed ‘365’ so far this year?

Yesterday, yes :blush:
In celebration, I plan to release my new custom “DRONEPOOL” preset for ER-301: a quad, asynchronous looper station specifically made for 16n control.


Happy birthday👍

https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e519f0102f9d54dba7a3cf9705d1cbca3fe3b451.mp3 ml

Here’s the candle I blew out


I think the big 2 is approaching for me sometime this summer. Don’t remember exact dates. Neat track there jcf :slight_smile:

Joe! Don’t you be shy about it!

Its customary that you receive gifts on your birthday, is it not? AND yet… You decide to give the community a present!!!

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I also attempted a track-a-day challenge leading up to my birthday :smiley:


Outstanding music…

Each of those electrodes are ‘the bees knees’

And as an album you get electrum.

Something I thought about today when @odevices aka Brian gave me a new badge…

Ok, unit collaborations, custom unit sharezy… what about my groove and your electrons…?

Your vibe is fresh…let’s celebrate together

Ok ok ok


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Wow great work!, incredible tracks ! Is that some mysteron in there ?

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Thanks! Yes, gobs of Mysteron on the tropical trash dance patch for Mango Mush and Papaya Paste. Mysteron is a treat, but I gotta figure out a good filter buddy for it someday.