File browser not showing files

Chris Clark released a bunch of samples/stems recently, available here: Death Peak • Clark

So I figured I’d dump the whole thing onto the 301 and see what was interesting. When I went to browse the directory to load up some samples, the only file (of 63 total) that showed up on the 301 was the one highlighted below.

Some of the files have long filenames, but this still feels like a bug to me. I have verified that all the files copied to the SD card just fine.

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does the 301 support AIFF ? (i use only wav/bwf but from your screenshot, it seems an explanation for your trouble here)

wow good point. i can’t believe i didn’t notice that :flushed:

mods… feel free to nuke this thread.

Good thing is that AIFF support is in the list of thing to happen. Can’t wait for that, got lots of AIFF on my drive…

I have a similar problem. I saved some custom units, and only one shows up… did not looked further into this, but maybe I should:-)

“cat ant bananas” -

I’m just imagining what these sound like… :smiley:

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I am interested in the sound of “milky prophet” :slight_smile:

Just a heads up that this download is only available till the 14th Dec!

Seems the ER 301 can’t read AIF file?

no, only wav

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