File Extensions

For the minor aesthetic nudge towards the individual’s idea of placement of things might it be possible to add the option in settings allowing for the turning off visibility of extensions, such as when I load Presets as I already know I’m loading a .lua file?

The lua extension is going to be replaced so that the ER-301 can differentiate between the various preset types.

Something like:

chain preset: *.cha
unit preset: *.uni
quicksave: *.qui

and so on.


I’ve been doing a little research into file extensions and I’m beginning to believe that there is no reason to stick to 3 or 4 letter extensions anymore.

So is anyone opposed to or see a reason not to use longer extensions like these?

  • Quicksaves: gig-for-QoE.quicksave
  • Chain Presets: lots-of-delays.chain-preset
  • Unit Presets: trumpets.unit-preset
  • Slice Data: flight-of-the-valkryie.slices

and so on.


I can’t think of a reason to stick to 3 letters.

Me either, it’s a bit of a throwback to the old file systems afaik :slight_smile:

That format certaily easier from a file management perspective. One can see immediately in transfer from computer to sd card which goes where. I’m all for it!