Filtering Question

Hi there folks, I wondered if anyone out there has had a go at making something similar to a Rossum Morpheus filter cube? Would that be possible?


I believe that (from reading Rossum interview and such) that Morpheus is pretty processor intensive. I’m not sure it’s realizable with the 301, but I’m happy to be proven wrong! In my ideal mini system the ER-301 and Morpheus are the only audio sources.

yeah, nah, maybe?

I don’t think so - theres so much going on in the transitioning through the cubes and null filters I don’t think, even when the middle layer is exposed you’d have enough control

Download the manual from rossum - they really do an amazing job of explaining the process

Essentially even the Morpheus hasn’t got a full null filter in that you can get serious jumps in amplitude traveling through the cubes - Rossum know this anthers no way around it ATM - you could use 2 guess