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Finance by selling garbage


I live in a 350 apartment complex and my idea is to raid the common recycle garbage basement (grovsoprum) primarily for electronics and sell what I find on Tradera (swedish ebay, why do we no have real ebay?) to finance a 301.



why not just make improvisational tools to make music, out of the trash?

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This is a cool idea. Check out “Look Mum No Computer”. He has really amazing ways to circuit bend random trash and makes it all very musical. If you need to finance a 301 just sell all your other modules. I feel like eventually the 301 will be better suited to do everything anyway XD

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There’s a long history of people making music from trash, or any other found objects.

A project I am heavily involved in almost exclusively uses found objects, recycled electronics, old computers, an old piano etc… we reuse and make the craziest sounds. There are some days when I’m working on it all that I actually prefer it to my Eurorack :grin:

I approve wholeheartedly of the idea of ethical recycling in whatever form.

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I wonder how many years it would take for a room of 301 monkeys to fashion a ER301 out of Swedish recycled garbage?
3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 years perhaps?

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Fast forward a few thousand years this monkey snagged a rare modulargrid 301 drop. For partial financing monkey sells studio Monkibook Pro. This whole time I didn’t realize the real garbage room was acrually my studio.