Finding Locals instead of Inputs

As I’ve been sifting through Neil’s videos, I’m trying to figure out how to access the “Locals” portion of chain inputs for, as an example, using an existing part of the chain to modulate frequency, or sync as Osc… when I get to the inputs portion of select page on the small screen and I cycle to Locals or Globals, there is nothing on the main screen other than a small graphic at the top that looks like a cursor. The process is clearly shown in Neil’s #1 video, but I can’t get anything to show up there. I’ve updated firmware to 0.3.25 but still nothing. I’m sure I’m doing something stupid, but I just spent an hour trying to figure this out. Help would be welcome. Thanks guys…


Are you sure you weren’t watching Neil’s videos for the v0.4 firmware?

I probably was. Is this feature not available in 0.3.25??

Nope, starts with 0.4…

I wonder if I should pull videos priors to .3?

Or perhaps adding a text overlay saying “OLD / Archival footage” hehe


So, I watched a 0.4 video (great stuff btw)… but the question still stands?? Are these options available in 0.3.25?? Neil??

oh,… Nope starts in 0.4 is the answer… (thought that was a response to the question from Brian about which video I watched… ok. got it. 0.4 is still listed as “unstable” officially? Right??

That’s right. I assume it will be until 0.5 comes out.

Nope. The completely customized control ranges, the map nav, the full grab any local as a source… yep… .4 onwards.