Firmware Programmer on current Macs

Today is an awesome day. I managed to purchase a used ER-101 :partying_face:

Now I want to install the current firmware and find out that it is not possible to run the utility software on a current Apple MacBook.

Is there any other way to update the firmware?
Or do I need to buy an old computer for that?

Thanks and all the best.

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As the current Mac programmer isn’t supported on later OS versions, you’ll either need a PC running Windows… or you can use a Virtual Machine (VM) running Windows. This can be achieved on Mac easy. I use Virtual Box.

Once you have a running windows operating system, you can flash the firmware via the programmer instructions.

Thanks for your reply.
I went there and installed a virtual machine with Parallelste Desktop Demo Version.

It is not working because M1 Chip… :frowning:
The driver for the the ER-101 is not recognized on the VM.

I will have to source an old machine for this task.

Or you can just use dfuprogrammer.

The command line should look something like this:

dfu-programmer at32uc3c1512 erase
dfu-programmer --suppress-bootloader-mem at32uc3c1512 flash firmware.hex 

Obviously you will need to have the ER-101 connected in DFU mode. Also, you will lose all snapshots.

Thanks, Brian.
I don’t know if command line stuff is for me… but I will have a look into this.

I was able to to get the programmer working on a Mac OS X 10.7.5.

I was lucky enough to find a old MacBook Pro to get it running.

@odevices Let me know if you need some help updating the programmer app :slight_smile:

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I currently just use the DFU programmer on Mac via the CLI however if you wanted an interface it would be pretty straight forward to update this.