First thing you did with your 301?

I’m finally ready to place my order for a 301 (once the store opens up again), and I was curious, what is the first thing you guys did once you got your 301?

I have so many ideas on how to use it, but where do I start? Lol, it’s hard to choose what do try first!

I recorded my cat and experimented with the sample slicer.

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i checked out phase modulation on a sine vco and then tried to check audio quality in general, especially summing very loud and harmonically rich material with punchy transients to see if it was fit also for the rhythm work i had in mind (which resulted in a huge “hell yeah” and a big smile on my face)

started playing with the samplers… still do (but a little bit more advanced).
i bought the er 301 for sampling and the modulation possibilities … which are great :slight_smile:

Just starting to get into modular. Bought a couple pieces some still in their boxes but still waiting on my case to arrive so I took the ER-301, ASSIMIL8OR, Nerdseq, and Circadian Rhythm together you better understand the pieces I had by testing some sequencing, sampling, using the ER-301 to process all the audio with some filtering and delay while summing all the signals… was overloading my computer speakers since I am still also waiting on some decent monitors. Sorry for the poor audio quality.

I inserted a video below if you guys wanna have a listen.

Putting Everything in Use


I made a snapchat of it while playing the finale of bruckners 8th symphony in the background, and then ran that through the er-301’s granular engine.

I do remember punching the air first time the 301 made a noise! Really though the first chain, with local controls and some modulation a bit deeper, was a sort of super saw VCO. A series of detuned, to taste, sawtooths all combined and output. Took a while, but that’s how I like it.

Marveled at the absolutely amazing box it came in.


Great responses so far! I think I’m going to try and layer up a bunch of oscillators and see how far I can take it until the CPU gets overloaded. I’m curious to see what it can do as a sound source. Then I’ll feed in some of my other oscillators and manipulate them next. Either way, I can’t wait!

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If I can make a suggestion here, exploring the limits of the device seems like a negative experience to me when there is so much nuance and possibility for subtle surprises in the complexity of what can be built without pushing the unit to 94%. Imagine the satisfaction if the first 100 things you explored with the ER-301 never made it go beyond 30% CPU…you’d be certain you have the ultimate magic box of sound.


That’s fair. I didn’t really think about it that way, but I like that approach!

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Agreed. You can do amazing things with only a very small CPU number.

First thing I did was follow (including pausing at various points) @NeilParfitt getting started video #1