Flam Drum - a clicky, glitchy, drum machine

This is Flam Drum. A clicky glitchy drum machine - its 100% internal generated unit i made on the er301 using random triggers, probability and modulation of 3 bandpass filters using Joes bespoke units. No samples used.
Influences for this custom unit are - the Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter, Pole (the musician), Serge modular and Buchla.

Notes :

There is no clock trigger - it runs automatically - you control the speeds via the sliders.
Each filter drum runs to a different clock, multiplier and probability.
Use CV or play it manually with the 5 sliders provided.
2 sliders provide pitch CV to 2 of drum sounds, the 3rd drum sound (“noises”) already has randomly generated CV. I recommend keeping these 2 CV sliders >500 cents apart from each other so you can hear a clear distinction in sound between the 2. The range on both is large - the one labelled ‘tom" goes from high clicks to sub bass. The one labelled “bass” goes from bass to sub bass sounds and has more of a dub thump. You can tune them to break speakers and annoy the neighbours - so i put a limiter at the end of the chain.
About 3 sliders labelled “tom” “noises” and “bass”
These are cross patched and influence 4 or 5 controls per 1 slider. The higher the slider is positioned, the more probability + faster clock speed + effecting decay and release times. With all 3 sliders down, everything grinds to a halt.
My favourite slider is the "noises’ it makes everything nutty and unpredictable- small changes in the positive range from 0.5 upwards make a big difference - go easy on it or you’ll kill your cat.
Its heavy on the CPU and runs at 74% because in the background its doing a lot of independent modulation, and i’m running a delay and reverb which also has a lot modulation.
Patch tip - multi the same keyboard cv to every slider for some playable free jazz - interesting with Ansible Earthsea.

You must have Joes Bespoke Units (4th Aug) installed for it to play - Some new Units to share

Loading Instructions :
I’m using firmware v0.3.25 - so please upgrade if you don’t have.
Place Joes Bespoke Units in ER-301/libs folder
Unzip Flam Drum V1.0 custom unit lua to ER-301/v0.3/presets/units/custom-unit
Insert “Custom Unit” -> Click on the custom unit self generated name (left side - not where it says “open”)
Load Preset -> goto ER-301/v0.3/presets/units/custom-unit/Flam Drum v1.0.lua
Its a mono unit - so just connect audio out - and tweak the sliders.

flam drum v1.0.lua.zip (4.7 KB)


you’re on fire with these!


Wow! Love the sounds from this - really looking forward to giving it a whirl!


Many thanks @Mudlogger, I’ve a lot to catch up on here thanks to you, @Joe and @hyena!


Is this compatible with 0.4.11 by chance?

At the moment no. It is part of the autogen301 collection which I will update together once 0.4 beta is 100% stable.


Any news on the update? :slight_smile: