Flip ER-101

I’m new here. I was wondering if it would be by firmware possible to just “flip” and reorganize all the displays off the ER-101 and have alternate front-plate, so that the Jacks are on top? Don’t know if this would make sense for the 102.

In my personal setup there is actually no scenario where i have the ER-101 in my top row. I have a 2row 114HP performance case and plan to have another row just for sequencing and a rackable 16n in front of the main case. So the Cables are always in my way. I work around with tendrils cables right now.

Hello and welcome. Unfortunately this feature is not available and there are no plans to implement it.

I can live with the tendrils :slight_smile: thanks for that quick answer.
And so far I love the ER 101 and ER 301!

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