Fluxfi sidechain sampler custom unit

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This should perhaps be split off into a different topic?

I have no objection whatsoever to anyone charging cash money for products for the ER-301, I am fairly certain this is the official O|D stance too - if I remember correctly. In fact, I hope one day that this happens, especially when the SDK is released and some enterprising folk take third party developments to the next level.

My concern is that this is done in a very direct and clear manner.

I have no objection to products for the ER-301 being paid for by email address or other personal information either, but it really should be done in such a way as to make it clear what you are paying for and how those services will impact on your daily life. e.g.

This download is not free and is only available in return for your email address which we will use to occasionally send you marketing information for other products you may be interested in. We respect your inbox so promise that we won’t do this more than twice a year, we will never pass your email address on to any one else. You can unsubscribe at any time. We comply with GDRP.

Or something like that.

Finally, charging for things in any way doesn’t seem quite appropriate at the moment given that we have not yet reached v1 of the firmware and it is likely that any products paid for will possibly (inevitably?) break in a future firmware update. In this regard, if anyone is charging for anything, I think it should include a commitment to maintain it. When we reach this point there should be a developers release of each ER-301 firmware update available prior to the actual release date so developers have some time to update their products in a timely manner.

Obviously this makes no sense whatsoever while the firmware is still in development so we’re totally jumping ahead of ourselves.

Still… I think it’s a good discussion to have.

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Man this took an odd unexpected turn.

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Please don’t feel bad @Flux302, it’s just the way things are and probably a discussion that should be had, I fully understand you intended no harm and were just doing your thing.

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I’ll be honest, I just woke up, and am not in any possition to process these thoughts. I will say this much. The shopify email, I don’t use at all. That’s a shopify requirement, and shopify hosting let’s me keep track of what I am doing without paying large fees. I do have a separate email list (which you should sign up for if you want to be bombarded once every six months or so with one email letting you know what’s going on with my site.) I like being in control of the content I create. Even the Content I release for free. I don’t think that’s wrong . Especially when. I have plans to add to content in specific ways that otherwise might get messy (large sample pack downloads for the er301 I don’t think will host well on other peoples forums).
I’ll think about the situation (or lack of a situation) after coffee.

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Yep - good plan!

Try to see it not as an attack, but rather as insight and help from someone who is always ahead of the curve on these things, I work full time as a web developer and it’s my job to know. I would be surprised if this kind of response doesn’t become commonplace in the near future. Trust me, there is a situation.

The ‘bombardment’ is obviously not one email - that’s ridiculous and I don’t appreciate my experiences being ridiculed like that. Happy to have a respectful and reasonable conversation about this, but lets leave the sarcasm to one side hey.

FWIW, I certainly don’t want my email address going to the likes of Shopify!

I have to go out now, but I will be around perhaps later, or if not definitely tomorrow.

Can an admin please move these posts to a separate thread?

Before this gets out of hand, here is the official position:

There is no expectation that content for the ER-301 should only be offered for free. Content creators can charge whatever they want including but not limited to collecting emails or followers on Instagram. Basically, you do what you want!


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I wasn’t ridiculing. I was self deprecating… Goodness things are touchy today. Yes I will have some coffee. Cause as of this moment I am thinking “wait, don’t we use an email to sign up for this forum?” … Much coffee needed.

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That is wrongly interpreted and not helping.

Governments don’t introduce legislation like GDPR because there isn’t a situation.

The ultimate intended outcome of this discussion is to help you and again, as has been officially stated - do what you want - I am just saying that unless things are done in a specific way which I believe I have outlined above, I personally won’t be participating and I am sure this is not your intention or what you want.

One thing I noticed while building this, technically 4960 levels of quantize should be 12 bit, but I really only noticed the bit crushing happening when I dropped the level of the quantizer very low. Even when I made the quantizer a much smaller division. (413 levels) full level doesn’t sound bit crushed at all. It’s only when it has very few levels that I noticed the bitcrushing.
I need to investigate this further.

Fluxfi smplr side.unit (22.8 KB)

I am uploading this from my phone. For those who are sketchy about viewing my site or providing an email.

I CAN NOT promise I will update files on here as I am often far too busy and I do not work from home. So I can’t promise that this thread will always have the most current file. My site will. I’m just trying to appease those who might not trust providing an email for a unit.

I do plan on providing a sample pack in the future thats gonna tie into this and some other units I’m working on, that sample pack will not be hosted here, but I will Inform when it is up. Please support by checking out my site though…


Thanks, seems like such a cool unit! IMHO there hasn’t been a huge amount of ready/semi-ready options for people looking to play with lofi sampling, so it’s great you took the time to create this.

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I missed forum drama!

For the record, @Flux302 is only half sketchy :wink:

Actually, Ken’s a stand-up guy and I’ll vouch for him. But, you know I’m all sketchy so… this post is moot :smiley:


I can vouch for Neil’s sketchiness. And since I run a business you should definitely listen to me.

:face_with_monocle: :crazy_face:


…actually the drama was whisked away before my very eyes…I was quite impressed…

Having a good laugh are we?

There was no drama, it was a perfectly legitimate point that was worth discussing, it only became drama when it was blown out of all proportion. Not my doing.

… Let’s get back to discussing the module. Instead of falling down the same hole.

Has anyone noticed what I am about the quantizer levels?

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I read the posts before they got removed and I didn’t really see any drama. I did see the thread becoming less about the cool unit @Flux302 has offered up, and more about the distribution mechanism.

I’d suggest we start another thread to collect thoughts and discuss the latter more generally - I think there were some points worth talking about- and keep this one about Fluxfi.

PS, thanks Flux for making this available as a forum download too.

It does seem like I’ve encountered something similar with audio into the grid quantizer in general, but I did not think much of it. I just kept reducing the quantizer levels until I got the effect that I wanted. I’ll have another look next time I’m in front of the modular.


well, i don’t think there was anything “dramatic” in my simple question to @Flux302, nor polemic. neither i was suggesting that uploading custom units on the forum was the “intended” or fair way! or there were other posts that got deleted meanwhile and i’m missing something??

It was my fault, I was trying to help and my responses were interpreted very badly.

There’s a new discussion here:

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I’ve restored the hidden posts so that people will speculate less about what happened here.

Personally, I am still very disappointed in the response that @Flux302 received when posting his work. Making sure users feel safe and welcome here is more important than the agenda you may be currently championing.

FYI, just because your post was hidden does not mean there was an issue with it. I first hid the offending posts and then hid a few more to keep thread continuity.