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Fluxfi sidechain sampler custom unit

Interesting approach! Are you willing to share it as a custom unit?

Thanks Joe, forgot about editing that control.

Yup will share a few alternate versions of this possibly tonight.


this is great!

I was wondering about this before, didn’t realize extending the max range was as easy as editing the control. Now I’ll have to try that with some of the other units…


hey @Flux302, i am just watching your 301 hangout
(reminds me of your producers hangout, which
i miss soooooooou much!)

and i wanted to add the current state of your ‘early error’ to the user contributed preset page in the wiki

any chance you’ll share that creature here? or is that error too early?:smiley:


I’ll try and get it up tonight along with a couple others. Just been swamped doing “real work” … I’d like to clean up the side chaining tonight then upload it


here it is… its a free download on my site. https://fluxwithit.myshopify.com/products/flux-fi-sc-sampler-for-er-301 I haven’t tested the download link yet and have to leave… so if it doesn’t work just let me know.


nice! gonna try it next days!
what do you mean by “sidechain the audio to the sample rate” ??

Oo I can answer this based on the hangout video. There’s an envelope follower attached to input audio level which can modulate sample rate. So the loudest parts can be crunchier than the quiet parts.



I’m mobile the link above is a video on the module

registration to your website required to check out your custom unit?

Registration? No. Did you go to the link? It’s a free download

ah ok so the email is only for receiving the link?just felt a bit weird because up to now the CU’s were hosted in places where you don’t need to show your email (here or github).

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I use my site for a few reasons 1) why not drive more eyes toward my products so if people want to support the services I provide. 2) I don’t have to worry about losing content because someone else packs up their toys and goes home.
3) I kinda forgot that you can host right on here lol. But even so I don’t want to keep up with updating my units in various locations, nor worry about hosting size limitations. I often release large sample packs and I’d like to do the same for the 301.

Either way, nothing nefarious going on I assure you.

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so there’s nothing to stop you from posting the CU here, too? :smile:

(you could also post it zipped with a friendly add from fluxwithit that contains
links to your site and products. personally, i don’t like “free” downloads where you have to give an email adress very much…)

Downloaded it yesterday - great work Ken :smiley: thank you.

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Re. paying for downloads with personal information:

Since last Black Friday when my email client was pinging every few seconds with thousands of harassment emails, many companies sending more than 5 messages a day trying to make me buy stuff, or ‘letting me know about things’ I have been aggressively unsubscribing from everything I have ever subscribed to. I want my email address back.

Most unsubscribe processes have been good, however 6 months on, for various reasons, I am still battling with some of them.

While I am not saying you would abuse my information, I am afraid email as a marketing channel is 100% dead for me now and I have a very hard time trusting anyone with it as a result of this digital bombardment.

I am working on a system that will let me use a different email address for every company I interact with, so I am in full control. The moment I don’t want to hear from a company any more, I delete the account, or stop it forwarding messages to my main account, and they are left out in the cold permanently.

I think it’s disgusting that I have had to go to these lengths, but this is the way of the modern world. We must fight.

So, my recommendation is to do everything you can to remove the barriers to folk using your ‘free stuff’ or just charge for it and make your 100% compliance with GDPR very clear. Saying something is free when it actually isn’t just makes me not trust you @Flux302. Because of my experiences elsewhere, there is no way I am giving you my personal information for this download, I am pretty certain this isn’t what you want.

Apologies for the side track, but my little rant is over… feel free to do whatever you want, of course, this is just well intentioned advice, as you were :slight_smile:

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I’d prefer it if downloads were freely available. It seems more in line with what’s going on around the 301 - people are digging deep to contribute, just for the sake of it. In this context, I don’t think it’s very favorable for what is being promoted in connection. I’ll be happy to check out your thing if it’s something that could be interesting to me personally, but I’d like a choice in the matter.

Just a personal opinion, no offense.

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This should perhaps be split off into a different topic?

I have no objection whatsoever to anyone charging cash money for products for the ER-301, I am fairly certain this is the official O|D stance too - if I remember correctly. In fact, I hope one day that this happens, especially when the SDK is released and some enterprising folk take third party developments to the next level.

My concern is that this is done in a very direct and clear manner.

I have no objection to products for the ER-301 being paid for by email address or other personal information either, but it really should be done in such a way as to make it clear what you are paying for and how those services will impact on your daily life. e.g.

This download is not free and is only available in return for your email address which we will use to occasionally send you marketing information for other products you may be interested in. We respect your inbox so promise that we won’t do this more than twice a year, we will never pass your email address on to any one else. You can unsubscribe at any time. We comply with GDRP.

Or something like that.

Finally, charging for things in any way doesn’t seem quite appropriate at the moment given that we have not yet reached v1 of the firmware and it is likely that any products paid for will possibly (inevitably?) break in a future firmware update. In this regard, if anyone is charging for anything, I think it should include a commitment to maintain it. When we reach this point there should be a developers release of each ER-301 firmware update available prior to the actual release date so developers have some time to update their products in a timely manner.

Obviously this makes no sense whatsoever while the firmware is still in development so we’re totally jumping ahead of ourselves.

Still… I think it’s a good discussion to have.