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FM Sound Design


here a test without gates in the sync input (free running operators):

here a test with gates in the sync input (this is a private link as i don’t want it to sound like criticism):


I believe for this to work, you need to make sure the envelope from your previous note fully closes before the next note opens it up again. Otherwise you will hear the phase reset during the release portion of the previous note.


ah, interesting! i thought the envelopes were completely retriggered each new note!


What does “complete envelope retriggering” mean for you?


that if the gate arrives when still in the release stage the envelope jumps back to 0 and then starts the new attack phase, so the phase reset happens when the vca is at 0…
am i wrong?


if i put a microdelay on the gate resetting the phase this could help in some way?


Such a sudden change would be a source of clicks.


This would move the phase reset further into the attack portion, so no.


ah yes, that was very dumb of me in fact :slight_smile: can you explain the behaviour of the 301 adsr retriggering please? also, you think that the solution of delaying the gates for phase reset in both carrier and mod by the same amount of time might do the trick? thanks!!

(p.s.: now that i pay more attention clicks are present also in the supposed clean test…only are less noticeable, and as you said they always happen when the sequence goes faster…so the notes kinda overlap…)


Sorry for the delayed response, hyena. To avoid hearing the clicking sound that happens when the phases are reset, create a vca at the end of the chain that opens with the same gate that is resetting the phases of the operators. While applying, add a fixed delay unit after the gate, set to 100% wet and with a delay time around 5-10ms. This way, you are delaying the vca opening by a very short amount of time to avoid hearing the clicks. You could also use an ADSR here to open the VCA, just remember to delay the gate that is triggering it.


Glad I could finally be of help to someone on here! :smile:


Thanks for putting this together! This is EXACTLY what I heard before realizing I could just reset the phases.


perfect, thanks!!! i was thinking about delay but not about an additional vca! great! gonna try it right away :slight_smile:


mmm can’t get it to work. do you add another vca AFTER the whole chain or you delay the gate that fires the envelope opening the master amp vca? i tried both ways but still get clicks…
care to share your chain preset? :slight_smile:


I think W.Lee’s suggestion is to prevent hearing the click during the attack portion of the current note but does not address the problem of hearing the click for the current note during the release portion of the previous note when playing legato or with long release times.

I hope I am wrong though!

I believe monolithic FM voices solve this through polyphony. In other words, the same oscillator is not used for successive notes.


yes Brian, you are right, it only happens with long release times and\or very intricate patterns.


It should be worth noting, I use the eloquencer to send short pulses to trigger the opening of the vca’s and sync the operators’ phases. Thus, illuminating the pop sound at the release portion of the gate: the duty cycle is so short, it basically sounds like only one pop. This makes it relatively easy to design around, as you just need to delay the attack by a few ms.