FM'ing the GrainStretch

Hi all,
I’ve been lurking for a few months, while I try to fit the 301 into my workflow. Last thing I played with was some classic FM modulation of the pitch of the Variable Speed Player, using an external oscillator. It sounded really excellent! And I wanted to do the same thing with the Grain Stretch unit…but it didn’t work. With high-frequency input from my osc, the effect is something like a s+h on the pitch of the unit.

This is probably because incoming pitches are assigned per grain?

Anyway, does someone know of a workaround (which doesn’t involve scripting something new)?

thanks in advance!

That is correct :wink:

Try putting a Doppler Delay after the Grain Stretch and then modulate the delay time.


Good idea…thanks, Brian! FM’ing the Doppler Delay seems to work pretty well, although, with delay time set to 0, the result sounds quite different to FM’ing the Speed of the Variable Speed Player with the same oscillator, which I found very warm-sounding when attenuated. FM’ing the Dopp Delay sounds more harsh and glassy, and a bit clicky.

Maybe this is because the scale of the modulation by default wants to reach below 0ms on the Dopp Delay. I inserted an Offset after the input of the modulating oscillator, and that seemed to help. But it still sounds different – kinda harsh, even when the osc input is attenuated.

No complaints, though; I know this is a workaround. Maybe there’s another way to FM the Grain Stretch? One way I considered was to set the buffer as the input and FM that directly, pre-Grain Stretch.

I hope that makes sense! Hard to find the right words to talk about this stuff.


Use the bias on the delay control instead of an Offset unit.

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