Folder structure in loaded sample pool

500MB is a huge amount of space that I find myself wanting to just fill up a nested, organized “samples” folder on the SD card (which I have done) and just have access to every sound on it, preserving the file structure, so that the “Assign sample” navigating would act just like the Pool -> Load view (with a nested folder nav structure).

What I did was just Sample Player -> Load -> Multi -> (Select entire organized “samples” directory) -> Done. Waited for awhile for the IO blinking light to stop, and then I had all my ~450MB of samples ready to be loaded, except that they’re all in a single flat directory in the “Pool” making it really difficult to navigate.

I keep thinking there might be a way to reflect a nested samples folder hierarchy exactly like the Pool -> Load view, but with minimal or no mental overhead of even needing to “Load” it into the “Pool” first. Something very similar to the “multi” option that recursively loads each sample from a folder, but maybe just “points” to the folder, so instead of thinking of it as filling a bunch of memory I could just “point” the pool to a nested folder, and it would under the hood delete and load all files and folders recursively to the main memory and leave my folder structure in tact.

I hope that make sense. Just to be clear, apart from the half-baked ideas the real problem I’m trying to solve is a ginormous 450mb flat pool of every sample in my world.

Thanks! Such an amazing module :slight_smile:


Would like to know @odevices thoughts on this idea too, as it would make my ER-301 more productive for me if I could create some nested directories.

When I have a directory filled with samples from someone like @Ivo_Ivanov where there are lots of categories with hundreds of files, the flat pool system becomes impossible to efficiently navigate, although there are times I like being able to scroll very rapidly through the entire collection. I guess what I really want is the best of both worlds.


The Rossum Assimil8or eurorack module suffers also from a flat “project sample pool”. Many users feel stunted. I know that I love folders & nested folders & to load up different folders in different sampler instances quickly. Flying folders, fresh, hot folders everywhere… I was eyeing to swap my Assim. for an ER301 to solve this problem - gotta look deeper into its flat foldery.
+1 anyways

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Hi and welcome.

I think you have misunderstood something? :thinking: Loading samples supports any folder hierarchy that you desire. This discussion (which happened a year ago) concerns the Sample Pool which is a screen that lists the samples and buffers that are already loaded into RAM. It can usually just be ignored except when you have created temporary buffers to be shared between units or you need to do some memory management.

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Thanks for the welcome!
Ah, so if one loads up a couple of folders, say 100 files into the RAM & you forget which folders - they get not mirrored in RAM’s flat hierarchy so it can get confusing if you have a “what did I load up?” - look. Is it that what it was about? That is def. an other problem than A8s.

Yes, but that was then. Now it is not really a problem anymore. It used to be a 2 step process: (1) Load your samples into RAM from the file browser. (2) Assign your samples to particular units from the Sample Pool. The 2nd step was the problem. Now it is a one step process, you just load your samples into units directly from the file browser, if the sample is already loaded in RAM, then the ER-301 will notice that and do the right thing. Currently, you can organize your samples any way you want, then load them individually, or as entire folders, or, you can multi-select a bunch and load the bunch as a single sample chain.


I’ve recently come back to the Er-301 after a big break and some great stuff has happened. Lots of big improvements in the sample players. I like that you can now load multiple one-shot samples which automatically incorporate slice points in a singe file. One request with respect to this feature : would it be possible to select multiple samples from more than one folder?

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Thanks, It’s a question about workflow. I use several applications (Reaktor samplers, Battery 4) which organize samples in embedded folders. Copying these folders as such directly onto the Sd card makes it very quick and practical to locate samples and to use these applications along with the Er-301. It’s very powerful. It already works very well, but it would be the icing on the cake to be able to quickly make longer sample files with samples from more than one file.

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