For Sale UK only - ER-301 and Sweet Sixteen Mk2 Bundle

Sad to part with but I just don’t have the time/brain energy these days.

ER-301 in it’s original wooden box, very very good condition (there are a couple of teeny scuffs on the screens that you can only see if you look really hard from certain angles) plus Sweet Sixteen Mk2 and a nice raw aluminium panel (plus I swapped the disgusting gold socket nuts for classy silver and black for i/o)

I’ll include the cables I’ve used to attach the 2 modules together, the 2 sd cards will be installed, I can’t remember what OS its running but it’s fairly recent, it’s too complicated to try and do a ‘factory restore’ on so it’ll just come as it is with everything working and you can keep or delete what you want.

S16 also comes with the original black and gold panel and an additional aluminium one that was a little bit dinged up in the post and if I can find them, you can also have the disgusting gold socket nuts.

I’m looking for £1200 (probably by UK bank transfer?) which will include full insured/tracked postage. No offers, it is what it is and you want it or not…

UK only because trying to ship reliably elsewhere from normal island is way too stressful.

All boxed up safe and ready to ship asap via Royal Mail click and collect.


Is it still there?

i’m interested

I am only shipping to the UK I’m afraid. It’s too precious a cargo to ship into a black hole hoping it comes out the other side.


It still here? I live in the Bicester, post code is OX26 2BQ. Please reply me if I can buy it. Cheers!

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Hi, are these modules still available?