For smiles

just an amazing thing i found. i’m sure this person is on here, but enjoy!


Hey! That’s me! Thanks for the recognition!

That was just a nice little way to get myself started and learning on the ER-101. It’s quite the learning curve!


well that’s a helluva first shot! congrats.

Definitely brought a smile to my lips :smiley_cat: Did you do some “variations” after that?

Eventually got to listen to this - really good fun - thanks for doing this :smiley:

Thanks! No variations, yet. Just trying to break out of the constraints of thinking of things in terms of measures and structure has been a good challenge.

Sadly, I’ve barely had time to breathe in life the past couple of weeks. So once I get a day where I can sit down with the 101/102 and have a computer next to me to follow the videos, I’ll try and record some variations, etc. etc.