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Formant VCO

Formant VCO
this is an oscillator inspired by Mannequins Mangrove’s formant output, triangle core and impulse train with impulse shaping. Modulation of the formant and barrel parameters produces rich timbral movement.

  • tune: 1v/oct control of pitch
  • formant: controls formant like timbral shape by defining the duration of a rise\fall function
  • barrel: controls brightness by defining the relationship between the rise and fall segment of the function
  • pw: pulse width of the pulse train triggering the function
  • lvl: level of the signal

requires: Accents
cpu: about 6%
tips: modulate formant and barrel with slow modulations, chaos generators, fluctuating random for some very rich brass-esque sounds.
Formant Vco 0.1.unit (17.9 KB)


hear it in action:


Nice! Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Wow :star_struck: thank you

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the very nice thing is that its super cpu-friendly. in fact all there is is a triangle oscillator, a comparator and a skewed sine envelope plus some controls.
the original idea behind the mangrove is really awesome (and something really new in analog sound generation imho) in that with such simple tools it can create such rich and organic timbres. of course my take on it doesn’t sound the same, but some of its character is there (i really love the singing, brassy-esque tones of the mangrove, but i’m forced to sell it to fund some new gear so at least i can play something similar on my 301 :smiley: )

I agree. The Mangrove is excellent, sounds really good. I somehow managed to sell mine to fund some other stuff, so this is perfect! :slight_smile:

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its formant range is smaller than the original, in fact i think i can find some ways to extend it a bit :slight_smile: updates will follow if i get it right :slight_smile:


lovely unit @hyena! exploring now

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Wow. Excited to try this one.

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:slight_smile: let me know what you think!

it sounds great! i will definitely use it. sadly, i don’t have a Mangrove to compare but it does indeed sound somewhat like just friends in oscillator mode (i have 2 just friends lol)

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I love it! I have had 2 mangroves fo years up till a couple of months ago and those and a cold mac was my “complex osc” - so I know it as well as anyone id say
Really cool, ive spent 10 minutes with it and I plan to spank it today but just wanted to say thank you.

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Nice unit, man. I kept a Mangrove as my only “external” oscillator next to my ER-301 for a long time. It sounds really similar although the behavior is different in extreme settings. I just fired up three of them and built a massive drone, never had that option before, cool!


thanks people! very happy you all like it!
Falistri is a great module, Simone of Frap Tools found out it could do some formant-esque tones after we were talking about mangrove and how it works. in fact having a falistri beside a mangrove helped me out understanding how to try to emulate it :slight_smile:
i will also try to explore some fm and see how it behaves on the Formant VCO.


Nice Unit, thanks for sharing!

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