Forum appearance screwed up

I’ve been hospitalized for a while and did not pay attention to the forum, but when I came home I found it like this. Something I did or something got screwed up on the server? (probably on my end, since I haven’t found any discussion on this, but I can’t find any option in settings/interface that I could have messed up)


It’s to remember Mike McGrath’s passing. There’s Brian’s note of it in some thread.

I appreciate that, but it doesn’t look like something that was made on purpose.

Hope the thing which prompted your hospital visit resolved?

Your screenshot is the way it looks to me and as described in said thread…ie deliberate.

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The half O|D logo looks like a hairy clown peeking over a fence :smiley:


We are at half-mast for Mike McGrath. I will put it back to normal tomorrow.



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I think something might still be wrong. I keep seeing a thread about an alternative black panel, instead of other interesting things. (I actually initially thought the black bar was because of that before I heard about the sad news)

You can use Discourse’s mute feature where all the bookmark/share/flag buttons are. Should either say Watching/Tracking/Normal/Muted

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I’ll show myself out…