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Is it possible to have the bookmark link at the top of threads, or is there no way to control that location in this forum software?

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You may need to refresh your page to see the new menu item!

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Hm; actually - I don’t see it. Can you send a picture of your screen indicating where this new location is?
Thank you for your help! It will save me a lot of time. :slight_smile:

To be clear, what I am looking for is a quick way to bookmark a forum post instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom to click on “add bookmark”. It would be nice if that widget was pinned to the very top of the post.

Underneath each individual post, there are a set of icons (heart-like, chain-link, ellipsis-triple dot). Click the ellipsis and you will see a couple more - bookmark and flag for that post. So you can bookmark the thread from any post. It will save the reference directly to that post. So if you want to bookmark the top post, scroll up to the top post and bookmark that.

You can use the little vertical navigation thing on the right hand side (if you’re in a desktop browser) to go quickly to the top post. For example in this post, click “Dec 14” at the top of the blue scroll bar to jump to the first post.

I saw that, thanks. The post bookmark is slightly different than the first-post-bookmark, which is the nature of my inquiry. I can certainly use the first-post-bookmark as a replacement if that is the preferred method.

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That’s all I know :slight_smile:

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Oh I see, not sure! I just had a quick look last time and it seemed an easy fix.

I don’t really have time to look now or much time within the next few days, but next time I get a chance I will, or if anyone else knows how or can trawl the world of Discourse and come up with an answer and let me know that would be cool :slight_smile: