Forum is having problems sending emails (fixed)

I’m investigating and will let you know when I fix it here.

If you are a new user trying to activate their account but can’t because you are not receiving the activation email then please contact me and I will manually activate your account:

Emails should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience! :bowing_man:

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@odevices Hi, I sent you now two messages through your web form, over a week ago, but have yet to receive any reply. On the off-chance this is related to this issue (I’m not sure how), please could you reply to the email registered here (identical to the one stated in the web form) to confirm whether you received my message. Many thanks, all the best, Phin

Sorry, Phin. Over the years, I have noticed that I tend to avoid or procrastinate severely when it comes to denying a request for a favor. I’ll bite the bullet and force myself to answer immediately.