Fr: voltages to midi

hey Brian

I absolutely love love love the midi to voltage conversion, simple but useful

I’m wondering how to get it the other way, I’m stoked on some of the sequencers I’m coming up with by just improving on the Er101, would love to take them into a daw as midi


Is this feasible, Brian?

It is feasible. Just means finding the time and I will admit that MIDI-support is low priority for me since I hardly ever use it. I had to be dragged (kicking and screaming) by @kilchhofer and a few others to even get the MIDI import to where it is now. :head_bandage: lol




Hi Brian!
I’m glad I found this topic, would love to know if anything changed from last year.
Is there a possibility of extracting note information out of xml file?
I want to convert some compositions to notes on paper and that would help a lot.


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I would be interested in this too.