Freeverb issue


So, as I sold my Erbe-Verb, I’ll now rely heavily on Freeverb as my main reverb unit, but as I set it up with the DPO, I found this issue, where as soon as I bring up the size, the audio cuts out. Have a look, would appreciate any ideas (running the latest current firmware):

What is the cpu usage as you bring up the size?

Is your audio being generated by the ER-301? If not, you aren’t bringing it in on the G3 input are you?

If you’re bringing in external audio, bring it in on IN1-4 as a first choice and ABCDx as a second. The G inputs aren’t suited for audio.


Yep, that’d be me being an idiot and driving it into the G input :slight_smile: Thanks!


Can’t count the number of times I did that😎

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