Freeze / beat repeat / stutter unit?

Howdy buddies,

Can anyone share their favourite way to implement beat repeat / stutter effect for an external signal going in-n-out of the ER-301? Sort of like Traktor / Kammeral’s beat repeat (alternative clouds fw) that u can just punch in. Tempo synced divisions / multiples would be a major plus!

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I imagine something like this could be built around the Grain Delay unit.

just make a looper and feed it stacked triggers for overdub!

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ill take a stab at this tomorrow. Gave me an idea for a video :slight_smile:


Awesome!! I can’t wait =}

Recording it now :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Neil !!! Made it so easy to understand step by step for me.

Having lots of fun on this modulated freezing, think it’s overclocked the cpu in some way >:] Light speed!

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Excellent, thank you!

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This is excellent, seems like an awful lot of functionality with very few units and some really good demonstrations of how the gain staging and utility functions can really work for you in the ER-301! Thank you @NeilParfitt

I also really like the disintegration technique idea @kieselguhrkid


i have struggled with creating useful custom units and this video has helped me immensely. Thanks!


Hey Neil! thanks for this video, i was lusting for a data bender that i cannot afford so i’m happy i found your tutorial,

i’ve had the 301 for a while now but have not yet built a custom unit,

I tried building this one on V6 following it step by step but somehow it was not as responsive your example, I can see at the time of this video your unit had a firmware that i’m not familiar with (i had V5 and then upgraded to 6) however i’ve intuitively completed it anyways regardless of firmware and name of utilities , up until i had to add a bipolar vca on the freez control (7m17s on this video,) some how i could see the signal post vca for some reason and then it all went south , in the end i could hear some sort of repetition but it was quite low volume sounds, i’m not so sure what could that be, do you have any suggestions?


HI Dom! Yes I did that video a long time ago on 0.3 OS - I’d have to see your unit to know for sure what’s going on. If it the VCA is passing signal when you have nothing controlling it - make sure it’s set to 0, so it’s closed until you open it from another control signal.

freezer.01.unit (10.2 KB)
HI Neil,

Thanks for taking the time to reply, and apologies if I reply to you late also,
I have attached the preset that i saved so you could take a look if you felt like it, it mostly works but I hear it better and more pronounced by lowering the dub fader in the dub looper, I’ve attempted to make it switch off automatically when the wet (in the dub looper) switches on but I didn’t succeed, i hope it makes sense , did you a Specific division of clocking?

Thanks for your time!


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did u tame the beast???