FriendlyMeow - yet another FM kitten

Hi everyone, this is my humble take on fm synthesis.
Why? Because it’s something I’m super inexperienced with, so feel free to tell “dude that’s horrible, just do subtractive” or some tips on how to improve or: How could I expand it?

Working on 0.6 firmware.

I realized that having those pre-patched modulations was stupid. Having them on a global chain is much more useful.
Now there’s a Sine and a Triangle version for the operators, with added feedback FM for each of them. Every modulation is assignable to the top page controls.
Again, inside the unit you’ll find Carrier, Modulators, Filter and VCA. Inside this last vca there’s a bypassed ADSR, in case you wanna use this instead of an external envelope assigned to top “Ext Env” fader.
CPU around 15%

Friendly Meow Sine.unit (45.3 KB)
Friendly Meow Tri.unit (43.9 KB)

That said, how does it work?
Main page is the operators manager, feed v/oct to the main pitch and it will flow to the 3 ops.
Feed a gate to the big button.
Adjust the relations of the two modulators with 2 dedicated offset faders.
Adjust how much of mod2 and/or mod3 you want to operate on the carrier.
Cutoff and Reso controls.

Now the fun part:
You could of course assign external modulations to the modulators volume, BUT if you dive in the subchain of those 2 faders, you’ll see bypassed mixers called respectively lfo2 env2 and lfo3 adsr3. By activate one or both and acting with the volume, you basically have internal modulations.
If you want to edit them, enter the unit and you’ll see other containers called LFOs and Envelopes. By expanding them you’ll find controls for wave selection (0=saw 0.5=square 1=triangle) and rate of the lfos (you can assign a sync trigger to each lfo so that each time you send a gate they retrigger) and AR controls for the envelopes (I choose those 2 to avoid super long panel and because of short gates, but you can edit the entire adsr by going down in the subchain.

OLD FriendlyMeow.unit (81.4 KB)


if you save your unit with waves loaded from a certain folder (example /samples/LFO/) we can d\l the .wav files, create a /LFO folder inside /samples and when we load the unit it will automatically load up its wave files!

Great, I’ll update the post then. Thanks!

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you are very welcome :slight_smile:

For a poly use, should I simply repeat the unit for the voices I need (not counting internal modulations now) and assign same top controls to each vca, filter, envelope and so on?

That is generally what I do, I think setting up polyphonic patches is still a little fiddly.

P.S. Each unit should go in a mixer as well.

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usually on classic poly synths you have multiple filters, vca, modulations etc… one per voice but their controls are unified (if you have a 4 voice poly you just have one filter cutoff knob controlling 4 filters, not four different knobs).

Ya that’s what I was saying, sorry if it was not clear

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ah sorry, i perhaps misinterpreted :slight_smile:

Unit Update on top

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