Hello all. Wanted to update anyone interested in a 16nFaderbank.

All units have been tested and are ready to be shipped.

Myself and a friend a (reliable builder) who runs his own midi controller company called http://midiclub.net/ built them.

The panels turned out a few mm’s wider and a bit boxier than we had anticipated so we’ve decided to price them a little lower than we had projected as they don’t completely coincide with our original post.

$240 US - $315 CAD including shipping.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking.


Hi how much to send to the uk ?

Hi Neil it’ll be $25 CAD which is about 15 pounds

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These are beautiful! How many do you have available? (I’m just planning to hang around with GAS for a while until they are all gone so I need to put this into my planning)

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Hey thanks! We have 4 left…

Does anyone know off the top of their head that can refresh my memory without much effort: what is needed to make the 16n work? Does it require a TXb? Or will a backpack on the Teletype suffice? Is the requirement different if you want to run it as a leader vs. a follower?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Joe a backpack on a TT would work, all you would need to do is fashion a modded trs to i2c cable to connect the two and keep the FB as a follower. You could also go directly into the ER301 with that same modded cable but the FB would need to be in leader mode with the 4.7 K resistors attached.
There’s also the TXb option…

Thanks @claasp! Do the models you built have the 4.7k resistors already attached? Or is that a DIY exercise if you need/want them?

Forgive my ignorance about the hardware specifics of i2c. Does having having the pull up resistors on the 16n mean that it can no longer be a follower, or that it should no longer be on the same bus as, say, Teletype?

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Hey @Joe it’s no problem at all, that’s actually a valid question. I find that most people want their 16n’s to be follower devices so we leave them off.
If you require them on though that request is easy for us to fulfill.

It’s a flash of the firmware that actually sets the 16n to either lead or follow. The resistors add pull-up resistance (which is what a backpack or a TXb provide) so having them on won’t affect its performance with a TT unless the firmware
dictates so.

Hope that helps.


yes sir. that was a detail that bothered me a lot. i wanted to keep it flexible in case i end up getting me
a teletype :slight_smile: . you’ll find more about hardware specifics here

if i remember correctly, there are already builds with implemented switch that disconnect the resistors.
though i’m not sure whether reflashing the teensy is still required to change from leader to follower.

i went for jumpers which can’t be “switched” by accident.


Where did you get those fadercaps?

those came with the build from michigan synthworks…

Wondering if anyone has docs on how to build the trs to i2c cable that @claasp and @Joe are talking about?

See odevices wiki…

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@claasp Hi, I would like to have one of the remaining, if there are still any. What’s the payment route, and how much would shipping be to Hamburg, Germany?

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Thanks @mopoco

Oops, thanks @mopoco, but meant to ask @claasp about the tiny rubber caps. I’ve been on the lookout for those, but had a hard time finding a source in the US.

heyy you can find them at synthcube:)

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Hi do you have any of these available. ?

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Hi Neil we have two left if you want one…