FS (EU): ER-301 + friends for sale


After thinking about it a lot and still not sure if it’s the best way to go, I have decided to get rid of several eurorack modules and my Monome grid controller to migrate to finance new Buchla/Serge equipment. So here we go:

  • O/D ER-301 Nostalgia Panel (MINT condition without wooden box and 64 gb SD card instead of the original 32 Gb): 900€ + Shipping
  • Monome 128 GRID (lastest version bought at the end of 2019) + spare parts (pads and aluminium frame) from another DIY grid I bought 3 years ago): 650€ + Shipping
  • Ansible (mint, no original box) - 220 € + Shipping

I can send you some pictures of them. Please send me a PM. The same post is at Lines …



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PM’d you


All gone. Sorry!