(FS EU) Er-301 (sold)

I’m selling my Er-301, got it in 2017 and not using it much these days so i’ll better give it away to someone who will enjoy it more than me.
Sadly, for the life of me i can’t find the wonderful box it came with. :frowning:
edit: it is modded for i2c reception.

750€ + Shipping to EU /edit: would prefer bank transfer
I’m in Italy.

Here’s a quick video i made before unmounting https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WQqB0KD00w1EPJSuD8NZS9XMD-IUPj16/view


@Zifor is looking to buy.

Hi, will pm you

messaged + PMed. thank you for tagging :pray:

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Hi, long shot but worth a try, if the other sale didnt happen i would like to buy it, please let me know :slight_smile:
Seems like new users cannot dm?