FS UK/EU: Joranalogue Filter 8

Joranalogue Filter 8
Excellent condition. Boxed
£190 + postage

DIY Elements

Joranalogue Contour 1


Intellijel Planar 2

Doepfer LC6 168HP wooden case with PSU3 power

Make Noise ModDemix

Orthogonal Devices ER-301


Paypal only. Please PM me for postage calculations.

No rack-rash, everything in excellent condition. Photos on request.

ER-301 and TXo have sold.
Added Doepfer LC6 case and ModDemix

Case sold. Price drops.

Planar 2 sold. Added Joranalogues.

Added photos and LRMSMSLR

Price drops. Need to sell to pay the bills.

Elements sold. Filter 8 still up for grabs!

Filter 8 sold.
Please delete the thread, mods.