Fully-customizable macro controls for complex patches

First, if this has been covered in-depth in past discussions, please excuse the redundancy.

As an exercise, I made a simple 4-voice polyphonic sampler patch (based on some of what Neil illustrated in one of his videos - thanks Neil!), and it quickly became obvious that there needs to be a way of creating macro controls at the top level of the UI for parameters that are duplicated multiple times in such a patch, e.g. per-voice ADSR controls, tuning controls, and so on. Otherwise, making changes to even a simple 4-voice patch like this one gets extremely tedious really fast. So the obvious solution would be something like expanding upon the “Edit Controls” section in Custom Units, to allow, say, all ADSR controls in each voice of a multi-voice patch to be linked to a master ADSR at the top level of the UI, to avoid all the menu-diving that such changes currently require. Thoughts, anyone?


Yes. Reminds me of the design pattern that Ableton uses in Live for device racks with 8 macro controls.

Maybe I misunderstood your question but custom controls are already available in the custom unit to do just this (at the moment you can’t rename them but sure this will change in the future).

Right, that’s why I mentioned the existing Custom Unit controls - except that I was proposing
complete flexibility in terms of the number and functionality of such controls, and it isn’t entirely
clear to me that Brian’s existing setup (cv, v/oct and gate) is necessarily headed in that direction.
If it is, then problem solved :smile:

Yeah, definitely along those lines, but with mucho expandability, given how complex
301 patches can be.

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