Future of the ER-301 and Orthogonal Devices

Posting this in genuine hopes that there is one!

This was (and still is) a fantastic community that emerged around what I believe have been extremely brilliant, beautifully designed and perfectly engineered modules and a lot of very human (in the best possible sense) interaction and support. I hope this staple comes back. And I really hope Brian is doing well!



Yes i agree! The modules i own that Brian created are works or art and will always be a central part of my sound exploration.
The community of people that are creating units for the 301 is awesome along with all the support Brian has given is excellent.

I hope Brian is well.


I was recently just thinking along the same lines. Great community here and legacy of modules. But first things first i hope Brian is well. Not typical to be absent around these parts for such a long time. There have been a handful of posts of people reaching out for support and not managing to get through - which is highly unusual.


He’s busy with consultancy work. OD is put away for the time being. Just like when we swap modules out, you leave a thing only to return some other time. So he accepts a business offer and now, for now, is committed to something else


Understandable. Best wishes for his continued health and looking forward to a happy return. The ER-301 is foundational and an irreplaceable part of my setup. Hope the community will continue to press forward in the meantime


Hey Joe, me too. I adore this thing.

I must admit, I feel a certain degree of FOMO looking back upon the '17-'20 threads. Seeing guys like you Joe and other @Joe dropping knowledge and enthusiasm left and right (I know you still frequent, Joe!), reading through the development and decision making process Brian went through as he interacted with the community… it looked awesome. Hoping we can get this thing going again! I am in the process of educating myself on the creation of custom units and fully intend to contribute something to the community ASAP.

Long live the 301.


Well, there’s really nothing preventing a re-energizing of the community, even if Brian has had to take a detour due to chip shortages and the need to make a living.

We still have a device that can be expanded beyond what it can do today by anyone with time, enthusiasm, and know-how. I admit that “know-how” piece can be a bit of a steep hill to climb, but there are a lot of nice vistas at each step of the way.


I had a 101, and I concur that it is a work of art; the 301 depends more on the user’s input for that claim. Things fall in and out of fashion, but I plan on using the 301 until it breaks, which is hopefully never hah