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Fw 0.5xx update for Drumma! loopable, realtime drum units bundle :)

hello people! building on the concept of clappa! ( Clappa! realtime clap maker :) ) i designed kicka! and hatta!
but there’s more!
now all the units of the drumma! collection have one feature that has the same controls on all units: they feature an internal, clock-quantized loop recorder. it is based on the pedal looper. you feed them a clock and a gate input and they record sequences of gates that you can perform realtime (tapping manually or using an external controller or gate sequencer). obviously each unit will have its own independent length, perfect for immediate polyrhythms!
each unit then have unique sound design features.
lets explore the
common controls:

  • clock: feed it an external clock or insert an internal clock unit. this will be used to quantize your performance AND the PUNCH control to a clock. (feed it a very very fast clock to have bigger resolution, feed it 1/16th to have a more controllable rhythmic environment

  • gate: feed it an external gate or tap it manually. this will fire all envelopes making the unit produce sound. note that you can play with it also when not looping and you can also play on top of recorded loops.

  • punch: tap it manually or feed it an external controller (footswitch, buttons) or gate sequencer or insert internal gate sequencer or random gates. this will, on first tap, start recording, on second tap start looping in play mode, on successive taps will switch between play and overdub modes.

  • stopclear: tap it manually one time to stop the sequence without clearing the buffer. tap it two times in a row to clear the buffer.

lets explore now the unique controls of each unit:


  • tune: sets the base frequency of the kick drum in semitones.

  • adecay: sets decay and release of the envelope controlling the VCA, hence volume decay.

  • pdecay: sets decay and release of the envelope controlling the frequency of the oscillator, hence controlling the attack portion of the kick drum (how long)

  • penv: sets the amount of the envelope controlling the frequency of the oscillator, hence controlling the attack portion of the kick drum (how strong)


  • hands: this controls the rate of the velvet noise generating denser or sparser mictrotransients at the beginning

  • decay: this controls the decay and release of the “tail” adsr. sustain is set to 0.

  • freq: cutoff of the lopass filter

  • q: resonance of the lopass filter


  • time: sets decay and release of the envelope controlling the VCA, hence volume decay. note that the value you dial in is summed to the random value when the RANDTIME parameter is on.

  • freq: sets the frequency of the high pass filter shaping the sound of the cymbal.

  • q: sets the resonance of the high pass filter shaping the sound of the cymbal.

  • noise: sets the relative volume of the white noise component of the cymbal.

  • squares: sets the relative volume of the square waves component of the cymbal. 4 enharmonic partials have been used, emulating the classic 808 cymbal solution (4 clock generators tuned at different frequencies. you can enter this part and dial in your favourite frequencies to further shape the sound. note that the square generators are followed by @Joe’s bespoke ring modulator for additional fun :smiley: )

  • randtime: toggles a random generator that automatically creates random values for the TIME parameter whenever a gate is received.

i’m working on a 4th unit (breaka! for sliced breakbeats) but i still have to refine it to feel comfortable in sharing it.

check this out: (ATTENTION: new version, i found a bug and fixed it)
drumma!fix.zip (9.6 KB)

some snapshots:


Wow, you’ve been busy! Looking forward to checking this out.

So does the clock quantize the gate somehow? I.e. if I feed it a 16th note clock, and then start manually tripping the gate, will it correct my timing to the nearest 16th note?

exactly Joe. i decided to let it always on vs having an on\off switch. the reason is you can feed it a very fast clock (audio rate?) to have nearly infinite resolution :slight_smile:


Rad! Look forward to trying this! Thanks for the efforts and share

This looks very interesting especially the loop recorder performance aspect. Will check it out tomorrow. I want to build something with Joes motion sensor

thanks @PTH and @mudlogger
i found a bug (stopclear not assigned in clappa!) so i fixed it and reuploaded, please download new version!


Very cool units, @hyena, nice work. I like the hatta! sound a lot. Clappa! was a little glitchy somehow? I will test some more and make a video if I can’t find the sweet spots.

The position of the quantizer is interesting. I started changing the clock speed and noticed it didn’t affect the recorded CV, and then I saw the incoming CV is quantized before the looper, and not after. This opens up strange possibilities with different clocks in one beat. But it might also be interesting to quantize after the CV playback, so you can change the drum hits in one wiggle when changing the clock speed. By the way, did you wire up the controls of the loopers to the top layer controls? I somehow had to go inside the subchains and fire them from there because the punch control didn’t work…? :thinking:

yes i did! well, im starting thinking there’s a bug in custom units behaviour because i had to re link one control but i thought it was my mistake…
gonna check them and report!!!
thanks for all the feedback and your idea of a post quantize is really interesting!

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hmmm, strange.
at the moment i’m not able to replicate the bug you found.
on my 301 they all load up perfectly now. the CU controls are normally assigned to record\stop etc…

@Bparticle! the idea of post quantize is indeed much much better! i’ll do further tests and then reup them! thanks for your cooperation!!! <3


test with all 3 units processed by a heavily modulated grain delay :slight_smile:
this time i moved the quantization post looper, and played realtime with the clock divider\multiplier (tempi). i’m almost sure it is better to move it!


Excellent, thank you @hyena I look forward to finding the time to try this out!

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super awesome! made this stupid thingy in no time:

all sounds from drumma!


<3 great, i love it @joe_biomassa!!!

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great, thank you very much,

i am really looking forward to the Breaka! Unit…love Breaks, Breakcore


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me too!!! breakcore was my real first love and i never completely left it. (my next record will be a breakcore\abstract speedcore\industrial ambient 12" i have to finish last track damn!!!)

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cool, do you have Bandcamp or Soundcloud account ?

first, i am part of a label\collective of musicians, called rexistenz:

my personal bandcamp:


and here’s my discogs, i have some records out on various labels. this is not 100% complete but almost:

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